Welcome to the community of Hotchkiss, a Hopewell and Qualico Calgary Communities development. We sincerely hope you enjoy your new home and your new community for many years to come! This webpage provides you with a general overview of your association and membership benefits.

Hotchkiss Owners Association

Registered under the Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, your Hotchkiss Association (HKOA) is responsible for the care, maintenance, and development of certain amenities in your community. This may include area beautification projects, superior levels of care on City landscaped areas, ongoing communication to the membership, and organized community-based events which promote neighbourly activities.

HKOA will also provide certain financial and administrative services, including annual notices and the collection of fees from its members. These fees are necessary to fund the ongoing operation of the Association, as well as maintenance of amenities, events, and other activities deemed necessary by the Association to ensure its long-term sustainability.

Presently, and until the community achieves substantial build-out, the Association is controlled and supported financially by the Developer.

Benefits of Hotchkiss Owners Association

HKOA is mandated to maintain certain community amenities, which may include playgrounds, parks, walking paths and trails, plaza areas with benches, feature walls, decorative fencing, traffic circles/entry features, and boulevard/median landscaping maintenance. Organized events and regular community news will also be provided to enhance the sense of community and encourage neighbourly relations.


HKOA is governed by Bylaws and a Board of Directors who meet semi-annually, ensuring transparency and accountability to the membership.