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Resources and Information for Owners

Welcome to your Dawson’s Landing Owners Association website. This website is the hub of communication that connects residents with the Association and the community. It will provide residents with information about amenities, fee collection, community events and what can be expected in the years to come.

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have at nancy.farah@liveindawsonslanding.code.ink

**All forms and documents can be found under the Important Document Menu**

Resident Member Obligations

The OAH was established to protect the value statement of the Harmony community features and facilities and has a vested interest in ensuring a high level of maintenance and future upkeep of these amenities. These features and facilities are not funded by municipal taxes, and therefore a monthly fee payable by all property owners in Harmony is required.  Each member contributes to the maintenance and care of the community and its amenities.  To ensure every Harmony resident is aware of the OAH and its purpose, the Member Acknowledgement Form should be completed at the time of purchase with assistance from your builder.  If you missed seeing this form, please go to the Important Documents  menu.  If you have any questions about this form, please call as at the OAH office at 403-212-1617. 

OAH Ownership & Responsibility Map

Maintenance of the roads, parks and pathways and the landscaping in and around these areas falls to several parties.  For a look at the areas of responsibility for stage 1 of Harmony, please view the map at Important Documents  menuhttps://hotchkissoaprd.wpengine.com/important-documents/

Green Web Pathway Maintenance

Please read below for information on the maintenance of open spaces and pathways within the community:

The green spaces and wetland areas in the community were designed to be part of a naturalized green web system. This means that the grasses in these locations are intended to be left natural, and not regularly maintained.  During initial construction, Harmony Developments was maintaining these areas while the grass was new and was getting established.  However, homeowners should not expect that these areas will be maintained by HDI in future. A strip of grass along each side of the pathways will remain mowed but the larger “field” areas will not.

Moving forward, after the OAH takes over landscape maintenance, there may be an opportunity for the OAH to maintain some of these areas, particularly outside of rear fences/gates. However, there is a cost associated with this. Communication on this topic will be shared with homeowners after HDI has completed the deficiency site walk with the OAH.   OAH Management has requested that a landscape maintenance map be produced, in order to highlight the areas of maintenance by the OAH. Once that map is complete we will share it with homeowners on the website.


OAH Amenity Release and Waiver Form

All users of the lake and participants in lake activities (residents, and their guests) must sign the OAH Amenity Release and Waiver form.  Please go to the https://hotchkissoaprd.wpengine.com/important-documents/Important Documents  menu.  The form should be completed in full, signed, scanned and emailed to admin@liveindawsonslanding.code.ink,  prior to using the lake amenities.

OAH By-Laws

The OAH Board is voluntary and currently consists of the developer, Harmony Developments Inc.(HDI), who is governed by the OAH By-Laws. The management of the OAH is provided by HDI, until the OAH is turned over to the residents.  Members of the OAH may become Board Members in the near future.  Click  go to https://hotchkissoaprd.wpengine.com/important-documents/Important Documents  menu. 

Rules and Regulations

The OAH is governed by a set of By-Laws, registered on each and every title in Harmony via a caveat. The Rules and Regulations established, apply to all residents and their guests, that utilize the amenities in the community.
Please go to the https://hotchkissoaprd.wpengine.com/important-documents/Important Documents  menu.

OAH Lake and Beach Guest Policy

Access to the Amenities is controlled by the OAH Lake and Beach Guest Policy.  Please view the policy by going to the Important Documents  menu.https://hotchkissoaprd.wpengine.com/important-documents/

Fire Pit Release and Waiver Form

A community fire pit has been installed on OAH property next to the Pond for the enjoyment of OAH members and their guests. All users of the fire pit are required to complete, sign, scan and return the Fire Pit Waiver via email to admin@liveindawsonslanding.code.inkprior to using the amenity.  Please go to the Important Documents  menu.https://hotchkissoaprd.wpengine.com/important-documents/

Information on the Establishment of OAH Fees and Fee Categories

For detailed information on how the OAH Fees were established, please refer to the Fee Payment page.

Included in the documents list below is the Encumbrance Fee Schedule list and the Fee Category Map for Stage 1 and 2, Phases 1 through to 4b for your reference.

Social Membership to Mickelson National Golf Club of Canada

The Social Membership is designed as a complimentary resource to enhance the quality of life of Harmony residents.  Please review the complete list of benefits associated with this  at the Important Documents  menu.

Water Management Plan

The Harmony Water Management Plan outlines the ongoing commitment to the management of water in Harmony.  Please go to the Important Documents  menu to view the water management plan.  Corix Utilities is overseeing the water and wastewater facilities in Harmony.  Rates have yet to be finalized by the Alberta Utilities Commission however we expect Water rates at $75.00 / month, Waste water (sewer) rates at $85.00 / month and Storm water rates of $10.00 / month.  (rates are subject to change)

Harmony Water Distribution System – Fire Insurance Review

Please be advised that the Fire Underwriters Survey has conducted a fire insurance grading review and has provided the letter supplied in the Important Documents  menu. this letter for resident information and for provision to your private insurers. Further information can be gained by contacting Corix Utilities who has been engaged to manage and maintain Harmony’s water distribution system.

Waste Collection Brochure

Harmony is pleased to offer its residents a curbside Garbage, Recycling and Compost program. Please go to the Important Documents  menu.  The waste collection program is currently managed by Corix.  There are 3 bins presently and approximate monthly costs are $34.00 / month.  (Rates are subject to change without notice)

Waste Collection Schedule

Please note: to sign up for waste collection services and to begin waste collection, homeowners must complete the HAWSCO Service Application  found on the Important Documents  menu. form prior to occupancy and submit the application form to Corix..  This should be done at the same time as sign up for utilities.

As of December 1, 2016 the following pick up schedule has been put in place:

  • Summer pick up  will be weekly on Fridays between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for all services.  Please ensure your carts are out before 7:00 a.m.
  • Winter pick up will be weekly on Fridays for Garbage and Recycling.
  • Winter pick up will be bi-weekly on Fridays for Organics.  Bi-weekly Organics pick-up started at the beginning of November.
  • For information regarding Garbage, Waste and Recycling services, please contact Corix Customer Care.

HAWSCO Service Application form

Harmony’s water and wastewater utilities are operated by Corix Utilities.  As a new homeowner in Harmony you need to sign up for these services prior to occupancy of your new home.  Please go to the Important Documents  menu.  For HAWSCO contact information please visit the Corix website.